Food Drive

March 25, 2020Posted by Nish


Due to physical distancing, and the effort to keep people at home, many food banks have reported an urgent need for support. To assist food banks and struggling homes that lack income, we will attempt to pick up and drop off donations directly from and to homes to reduce the need of anyone travelling outside.

Employment Support

March 25, 2020Posted by Nish


Many companies have laid off a lot of workers in accordance with new government policies for business closures. There are however many skills that people can offer without physical contact. Please click here if you can employ anyone for the short term or if you would like to advertise a skill.

Seniors Support

March 26, 2020Posted by Nish


To prevent our seniors from being exposed unnecessarily, we've added the service of picking up and dropping off prescriptions or groceries for anyone 60+ years old.

Decreasing Blood Supplies

March 28, 2020Posted by Nish


To prevent blood shortage at hospitals we encourage you to please donate if you can. There will be many precautions in place to avoid contamination.

PPE Shortage

April 2, 2020Posted by Nish


As more and more people visit hospitals, there has become a massive shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for hospital staff. We will trade customized printed mouse pads for your unused N95 masks and PPE. You'll become one of the heroes that helps fight this war.

Dangerous Litter

April 4, 2020Posted by Nish


It would be nice if people would stop throwing rubber gloves into shopping carts or onto parking lots after shopping. This is almost the equivalent of coughing on the people that are forced to pick them up.

Financial Support

April 13, 2020Posted by Nish


The government of Canada has finally rolled out the applications for financial relief. Make sure you apply.

Help the Homeless

April 15, 2020Posted by Nish


Homelessness is increasing and part of the problem is exponentially rising rent costs. With your support we can fight this trend and it will end up putting more money in everyone's pocket.

Buy Canadian

April 16, 2020Posted by Nish


Part of making Canada strong again is to shift buying of imported products for locally produced products. Made in Canada can still mean inexpensive but high quality. We'll increase access to Canadian manufacturers that otherwise remain hidden or unknown.